Never received your package?

For USA customers: You did not receive your package, but yet your tracking number says delivered? We know this can be very frustrating! And we want to help. 

However, before we will consider re-issuing the same item please follow the following steps:

1- Please contact USPS and file a missing mail complaint. 

2- Request a GEO scan from USPS. This will tell us exactly where the mail was scanned at the moment of delivery. 99% of the time, we find the package was delivered to your next door neighbor and it can easily be picked up!  

3- Email us with your complaint ID. We will follow up with USPS as we have zero tolerance for fraudulence activities and we will prosecute by filing a police report. 

For all other countries. We do not support lost mail complaints. If you are shopping with us, consider purchasing UPS / FEDEX/ DHL signature mail. This is the safest way that the mail will arrive safely.

If you're purchasing from outside of the United States and your purchase is selected for import taxes, you are liable for this cost. We will NOT refund your order if you choose to abandon your item!