10 great dupes

We love finding you the best dupes out there! What exactly are dupes, you ask?

Well, technically a dupe means a duplicate... But in our case, our dupes have distinct differences. Which makes it legal to sell to you! They are darling pieces that resemble the amazing designs we all love and want.

Lets go thru a few below:

At number 10 we have this hot handbag. It has a close resemblance to the amazing and classic LV-design. The funny part is, most MEN do not know the difference, and most women do not look close enough. Therefore this clutch makes it at number 10.

At number 9, this rockstud high heel steps in! The designer inspired look is perfect for the girl who wants to save but still get the look. They are great to wear with dresses, jeans, skirts and shorts. Everyone will notice when you walk in! And honestly, nobody has to know what you paid for them ;)

At number 8, this cute tote makes an entrance. It has a close pattern to the beloved L V-design and will have everyone asking about your cute bag! The perfect proportions makes this bag great for the on the go lady.

This super nice watch makes it to number 7! Watches are underrated, but really should not be. They make a whole look and really tells the world you care about details. If you're wondering which designer makes the authentic design... Think "Love bangle"...

At number 6, we have this super Birkin-design lookalike. A total wow show! The authentic handbag will cost you around $8K... But this cute lookalike will only cost $70! So why not save your coins for a vacation and buy this bag instead?

Yes, we love rockstuds! And we love this designer so much! So another inspired look makes it to our list! At number 5, we present to you these amazing heels. They are soooo comfy, and definitely make an entrance. 

Number 4... It's getting hotter and hotter! These super hot earrings are going to make all of your friends ask where you purchased them from. So, do tell them all, please! LOL!

Number 3, 2, and 1... 

We picked these based one the value of the authentic ones VS. the value of the lookalikes we offer!

The Star Goose sneakers... These will only cost you about $89 vs. $900... I'd say it's a slamdunk! You get a great pair of sneakers with an amazing lookalike design. 

At number 2... Can we just say how cozy this infinity scarf is? Less than $50 vs. $700? Yes, get the look ladies and gents... Save and go on a nice weekend trip!

At number 1... Drummmm roll!! We have the Clover necklace. This baby would cost you upwards of $9k at the authentic store. Our lookalike design will only cost you: $45. Yes, ladies and gents... $45. Save the rest and use it towards your next home renovation or purchase.


I hope you all enjoyed our top 10 inspired items for the fall, and if you have any questions we would love the opportunity to answer them for you! 




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    love these looks! I bought items similar to these outfits from https://shopyourfit.com/ohyeah

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    Please include me on your email list. Love your products!

  • Dina Parmar

    Why are ur bracelets confusing, size wise? I keep looking at then, get discouraged because of the size, I need a 20. Because this it has delayed me purchasing.

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